Abrasive Wet Glass Blasting ( Sand Blasting )

Global Iceblasting now offers the revolutionary wet glass blasting that is as effective as sandblasting, without all of the traditional mess and hazards. With our recycled glass media the system provides us with productivity, efficiency, and performance equal to traditional dry grit sandblasting. Glass media is an environmentally friendly media that reduces dust and cleanup of any project compared to traditional dry blasting methods.

Farrow Green Clean System

The Farrow System® and the specifically formulated glass media create an environmentally friendly cleaning process. Dust levels are suppressed up to 95% within the vaporized elements of glass blasting media, therefore allowing this extremely versatile solution to be used safely outdoors, within populated urban areas, and even in enclosed environments. This system can be gentle enough to clean varnish and stain from wood or produce a white metal profile.

Glass media is California Air Control Board (CARB) and The Strategic Petroleum Reserve approved. Glass media is manufactured from 100% Recycled Bottle Glass, which means it is non-toxic and completely inert, that can be used near and around water. Consistently uniform size distributions guarantee repeatable surface profiles and cleanliness.

We will always test a small inconspicuous area before attempting to restore a large surface.


Farrow System® media is available in two sizes for your surface cleaning applications:


Accommodates the majority of projects, especially suited for the removal of graffiti.

CLEANS: fiberglass, concrete, stone walls, masonry, sidewalks and brick.


The largest media diameter available for the toughest cleaning applications and surface preparation.

CLEANS: petrochemical, road markings and lines, bridges, heavy coatings from steel ship hulls.